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How can we thrive as leaders and human beings during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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We all have gone through a crisis before, but nothing like the coronavirus pandemic. This one differs in many ways from other crisis – it is a global crisis, with long-term and multifaceted repercussions. The pandemic has already disrupted financial markets, brought to a halt the movement of people and goods around the world, canceled sports seasons and restricted international flights. It is dominating both private discourse and public policy, and the virus still continues to spread with no solution in sight. The COVID-19 is definitely a unique type of crisis. So, how can we thrive as leaders and human beings during these times?

Managing uncertainty in COVID times


  • Consider the situation from all perspectives

COVID-19 has affected all aspects of business operations. Leaders have the responsibility to help their teams understand how factors changed so that the company can respond more efficiently. Part of this responsibility is to review the company’s processes with self-criticism and exemption. Adapting to the new corporate management guidelines involves change of plans, modernization and often, digitalization of the means to access and share information.

  • Communicate constantly

During COVID-19, communications should be frequent to keep a clear and effective channel in the entire organization. This allows for collaboration and flexibility as events unfold, making sure people have access to relevant and respectable information sources. A constant flow of communication in your organization helps establishing protocols on who communicates what and by what channels, and also with balancing the need for transparency with the prevention of litigation risks.

  • Meet each group of stakeholders

In crisis, employees need to feel secure about their jobs. Customers want to be sure about the safety of goods and services. Suppliers want to know if they will be paid and the prospect of future orders. Investors want to follow financial trends and patterns closely. With the uncertainty and the situation rapidly changing, companies must monitor how stakeholder sentiment is evolving. Consider how the communication is going and adapt the message if needed. Among tactics and stakeholders, is it essential to communicate in a way that shows empathy and leadership.

  • Act quickly, effectively and empathetically

In such a critical and complex situation as the COVID-19 pandemic, it is easy to feel challenged to determine the right path to follow.A crisis response plan may already be in place for a cyber breach, natural disaster or accident at work, so leaders may be more ready than they think. As the pandemic continues to occur, the most important thing is to keep the situation at the forefront and lead in a timely, thoughtful and empathetic manner. In the words of Betsy Atkins: “What people will remember is how you behave in a crisis”.


By Patricia Sobue

Local Concept Moves Offices

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Local Concept US Headquarters

Local Concept has finished the remodel of its new offices located in Old Town, San Diego to better fit the companies changing needs. Settled by Spaniards in 1769, San Diego is the site of the first permanent Spanish settlement in California and Old Town San Diego is considered the birthplace of California.

President Michael R. Cárdenas gives his strategy behind the move: “We looked at several office sites and decided on Old Town because it is particularly important to me, having been born in Spain, to have an office in an area which was the first West Coast settlement of the Spaniards.”

Local Concept engaged the services of La Jolla-based design firm, AGK Design Studio, to help design the space. Cárdenas adds, “The offices are not only employee friendly, but pet friendly, too. We have built a space for employees to keep their dogs or cats. We have pet friendly flooring and even have bedrooms where they can sleep. Lastly, each Local Concept office has an animal mascot. The San Diego office has Lulu, the friendly office cat.”

Please make note of our new address:

3920 Conde Street
San Diego, CA 92110

For over 30 years, Local Concept’s mission is dedicated to quality of services, products, and processes. Over 80 specialists and more than 3,000 contractors help clients internationally introduce their products and businesses into diverse markets. Local Concept is headquartered in San Diego, CA with offices in Madrid and Taiwan.

Local Concept Passes ISO Certification on First Pass

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ISO 9001:2008

Local Concept has recently received ISO 9001:2008 certification as a continued strategy to deliver only the best quality of localization and translation services. Michael Cardenás, CEO of Local Concept, says “You can never have enough layers of quality control in the localization and translation industry. For the last 30 years, we have followed a quality assurance measure where we routinely monitor the quality of our translators by an independent review team. Our ISO certification provides an additional level of quality control by ensuring all processes are carried out on all projects.”

With many companies now requiring ISO certification to alleviate translation quality issues, Local Concept’s continued dedication to both quality and the customer experience resulted in a streamlined audit and ISO certification approval. Very few companies applying for ISO certification pass on their initial audit. Local Concept is proud to be one of the few that did just that.

Natasha Notaro, Client Services Manager, spearheaded this effort and noted, “This was a great collective effort put forth by the entire team to ensure that we are implementing and adhering to processes that safeguard the continual success of our company as well as our clients. Our certification shows our commitment to providing quality service and quality product to our clients every time.”

For over 30 years, Local Concept’s mission is dedicated to quality of services, products, and processes. Over 80 specialists and more than 3,000 contractors help clients internationally introduce their products and businesses into diverse markets. Local Concept is headquartered in San Diego, CA with offices in Madrid and Taiwan.

For more information regarding Local Concept, our services and how we can help you, send us an email at or call us at 619-295-2682.

Welcome Susan!

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Susan Bowles Joins Local Concept as Director of Customer Strategies

Local Concept is pleased to announce a new addition to our growing team. We are excited to have Susan Bowles join our team as Director of Customer Strategies. Susan has over 14 years of experience in creating best practices for global companies.

Local Concept follows a customer service philosophy and seeks this quality, among others, in the candidates the company hires. We have assisted corporations such as Boeing and T-Mobile fit in globally since 1985.

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30 Years ~ Thank You!

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Local Concept Rebrands as Part of Its 30-Year Anniversary

It’s been 30 years since Local Concept’s President, Michael Cardenas, crossed the border from San Diego to Tijuana, Mexico in search of his new brand. All he had washis company name ‘Multilingual Translations’. He asked the printing house to show him options for a logo before choosing a circle with the letters “MLT” and another circle around it. Now three decades later, over ten advertising and marketing agencies have worked on the corporate branding strategy for what has evolved now into Local Concept.

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