Our mission is simple. We are here to help you create a truly global product, localized for the country or region in which it is marketed.

At Local Concept, we are inspired and energized by innovation. We focus on the quality of our work and how it impacts our clients’ global business models. We believe in: transparency, professionalism, commitment, honesty, and flexibility when it comes to the translation and localization process. The pride we take in the work we do for our clients reflects our passion to help others grow.

* Dedication to Quality

Our dedication to quality is second to none. To say we are thorough is an understatement. We provide QA for our own QA.First, we take a linguistic approach to the QA process by creating a personalized style guide for each client. This guide is used to describe client translation preferences. We then create a subject matter/industry specific online glossary for use on all projects. The style guide is used in conjunction with the glossary to create consistency across all projects. Our editor then reviews and edits the entire text before approximately 5% of the project is subjected to an independent review.

Second, we employ the latest translation memory technology to leverage against legacy translations. We use automated tools to search for incomplete translations or terminology inconsistencies. We also created a Desktop Publishing (DTP) reporting system and require each project to undergo an additional internal QA review.

Finally, a second source QA is completed by someone outside the scope of the project before a project is delivered. Local Concept requires all program managers to complete a final QA checklist to ensure all client requirements are met prior to delivery.


Local Concept’s ISO 9001:2008 certification demonstrates our commitment to quality. This certification ensures that we have established processes for delivering our products and/or services, and that we adhere to them. Every process is documented in order to train and instruct staff. This also guarantees both consistency across all projects and allows us to track and manage continuous improvement. The ISO standard also ensures that there are metrics which track the overall business process performance. Lastly, these metrics are continuously audited to ensure the 10,000th project goes as smoothly as the first.