Local Concept founder Michael Cárdenas was born in Cáceres, a small town in Spain. At the age of 8, he moved to the United States without speaking English or ever having previously traveled. The culture shock gave him a profound understanding about different cultures and how they think, behave, and communicate.

In 1985, Michael graduated from college and was looking for a way to earn money while attending law school. He left for Tijuana with just $200 and an idea to help companies become truly global. He returned with business cards, stationery and a lot of enthusiasm. This quick trip across the border eventually led to the creation of a small company called Multilingual Translations, Inc., which would grow to become Local Concept.

He saw how the business world was changing and taking greater interest in worldwide markets, as well as the global economy, and knew this was the space where he belonged. He knew from the very beginning that if he was going to become successful as a foreigner, he had to differentiate his brand. The fundamentals would have to be quality and customer service.

Fast forward nearly 30 years, Michael now leads a team of 80 specialists and more than 3000 contractors. Local Concept helps clients from all over the world introduce sophisticated, accurate, and innovative products into diverse markets.

Local Concept has helped revolutionize the localization industry by introducing new technologies and streamlined processes to the benefit of their clients. However, the initial passion for cultural appreciation and helping companies reach global levels of success remains the same.