More than 70% of internet users view websites in language other than English. We understand that a systematic approach must be used for your website localization efforts. We also realize that various stakeholders are involved (i.e. site designers, writers, architects, engineering, and IT) and we have the knowledge and expertise to work with all of them.

Local Concept works with your team to create a workflow and technology solution that is best for you. We become your ‘non-vested partners’, because we want what’s best for you. We will not try to force you to use our technology, but will instead consult with you on the best solution. We are not vested with any tools.

Local Concept looks at your web site with not only respect to language, but the culture and technology. We also consider how often it is updated and how quickly it needs to be displayed in all languages. We work on creating a multilingual content management strategy that works for your particular brand. Local Concept has partnered with the best of its kind in web automation technology, SYSTRANLinks and Smartling.


Systran’s online platform allows you to launch and manage your localization projects. It allows for reduced turnaround time for updates and offers real-time website updates for time-sensitive information. Other benefits of SYSTRANLinks include:

favicon-pinguino Reproduction
With just a few clicks, every element of your website is automatically reproduced in the languages of your choice. This includes everything from content to metadata to photos and graphics.

favicon-pinguino Platform
The cloud-based platform provides one centralized database for all of your tools and resources to make fine-tuning translations easy. With a user-friendly dashboard, work flow management is simplified.

favicon-pinguino Interface
The hands-on editing mode allows for real-time changes without the need for HTML knowledge. The WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface allows your webmaster or translators to work directly on the actual pages.

Systran software also offers an exclusive range of tools to boost productivity and simplify updates. For more information, visit Local Concept is so sure of the benefits of Systran technology, that we used it to localize our own website.

favicon-pinguino Smartling
Local Concept is aligned with Smartling, a leading language service technology provider. Our partnership enables us to have quicker turnaround times for customers, expansion to more website and mobile app localization, and reduced web infrastructure costs for customers.