How do we ensure that Local Concept provides the same attention to detail to your products and services as you planned in the authoring? First, we create glossaries that are specific for your industry and your product.

We hold our standards high when it comes to technical translation; only 5% of the applications we receive from linguists pass our rigorous testing process. We hire translators and language experts trained in specific technical subject matter areas such as engineering, life sciences, medical instrumentation, law, and computer sciences. Effective technical translation requires a consolidated effort that includes both the language and knowledge of the specific topic.

favicon-pinguino  Translation for Medical Devices/Pharmaceutical

Local Concept provides medical translations for most fields of medicine as well as biology. Among our team of qualified linguists are physicians, chemists and scientists. In addition, we offer localization services for clinical trials. Local Concept’s stringent quality assurance, which adheres to ISO standards, assures the highest quality medical translations.

favicon-pinguino  Social Networks

Writing for Social Media required linguists to step away from traditional translations styles.
When translating for social media we move away from dealing with complete sentences and grammatical structure. Our linguists embrace bits of information and ensure that they convey the message correctly. This type of content has to be translated in real-time; Local Concept offers the automation necessary to meet these types of goals.