WebView is an online Local Concept tool to review multilingual content. Usually, the industry uses Excel files or the tracked changes feature highlighted in red to show feedback or make changes.

With Local Concept’s WebView tool, reviewing and inserting comments can easily be done online.

Discover the advantages of the features and benefits of WebView:

  • Fast review
  • One single review instead of numerous incomplete ones. Local Concept can respond with a follow-up discussion for any problems regarding feedback, or simply make the changes.
  • ♦ Easy to manage
  • Local Concept’s application creates a log file stating who made what comments as well as when and why they made them.
  • ♦ Easy to use
  • It speeds production and improves accuracy. Users can register and start a project right away. The message system, which can be minimized and maximized, allowing each comment to be organized and it provide a link to the word or phrase to which the reference was made originally.
  • ♦ Instant notification
  • Allows the project to move forward without any delays. People in concern receive an email notification about the new version being available for analysis whenever a new review is pending.
  • ♦ Lower costs and market launch
  • Allowing to save money and increase opportunities. The quality review tool significantly reduces the time staff takes to review the process. It leaves no room for ambiguity and individual feedback is easy to track. This leads to being able to produce higher quality translations.

For more information, please send us an email at info@localconcept.com.