As solution seekers, we are fully invested in the complete translation process. As a result, LexiTerm, Local Concept proprietary software, was specifically created with our customer in mind.

LexiTerm is an online tool created to manage glossaries. Instead of creating several versions of the terminology used for a product or company, we designate one source for terminology management with access given to all involved parties.

How it works:
Once the customer’s list of terms are industry-approved, the LexiTerm entries are loaded into the online glossary. Because we developed LexiTerm, our software engineering department can add features as customer needs arise. Both the customer and Local Concept have access to make changes, comments, or additions to the glossary at any time. Benefits and features of LexiTerm:

favicon-pinguino Access
LexiTerm allows customers to have everything in one place with online user access from anywhere. This eliminates confusion and inaccuracy caused by having multiple glossaries.

favicon-pinguino Version control
Tracking different versions in one place saves time and frustration. When there are multiple glossaries being worked on by different parties, it can be difficult to know which is the most current version. With LexiTerm, glossaries can be accessed and recommendations can be made at any time by anyone involved with the project, all within the same environment.

favicon-pinguino Control and history
Since there are typically several people involved in glossary management, LexiTerm allows clients to see the date changes were made in the glossary and the name of who made them. LexiTerm also allows users to specify varying levels of rights from complete editing to viewing only.

favicon-pinguino Instant Notification
Instant updates to terminology make the workflow faster and more accurate. By using the optional notification feature in LexiTerm, interested persons can receive automatic alerts when a change is made in the glossary.

favicon-pinguino Software Development
We have a software development department…

We are proud of the wide range of tools we have developed such as LexiPM (for project management and workflow) and LexiTerm (to manage glossaries and terminology). Since we control the development of these tools, we can modify them to meet your needs.

favicon-pinguino Testing Department
We offer our customers both linguistic and functional testing in any environment. Following are a few of the platforms we work with:

  • Applications for mobile phones
  • Games
  • Web Applications
  • SCORM testing

favicon-pinguino User friendly
LexiTerm streamlines production and improves accuracy. Users can log on and start a project in seconds. The system messages, which can be minimized and maximized, allow organization of each comment and provide a link to the word or phrase that was originally referenced.

For more information about LexiTerm and our services, email: info@localconcept.com.