Multicultural Marketing is not about language or our ethnic stereotypes. It embraces both the innate characteristics of a consumer group such as gender, age and race, as well as lifestyle identifiers such as education, level of affluence, career choices and family size. Local Concept has been working in the field of Multicultural Marketing for over 28 years. We have helped advertising companies with their multicultural initiatives and directed clients as to the best approach.

You can count on our inventive team to understand your consumer in terms of how they feel and how they think from within their cultural context.

Multilingual Market Research

In order to successfully reach new audiences, market research must be performed prior to any product launch. This research is essential to identify differences among cultures including language, tone and methods of communication .

Our market research team facilitates the translation of collected data and reports used to help our customers create impactful consumer relationships. Depending on the specific nature and requirements of your project, we will hold focus groups, schedule in-person surveys, conduct product testing surveys and collect data through online and over-the-phone communication.