The localization industry has always claimed that machine translation will continue to evolve to the point that global companies can produce multilingual content more quickly and, of course, at a lower cost. Machine translation uses an algorithm to translate text into another language without human intervention. We then add our post-editing service to reach the same level of quality as human-based translation.

Machine translation cannot function alone as a magic solution, but it can work well with parallel technologies such as translation memory, content management systems and human-assisted translation.

Local Concept incorporates the most appropriate tools for each client’s specific application and creates a hybrid solution that results in human quality translation in less time.

favicon-pinguino Translation Memory (TM)
Translation Memory (TM) is a database of previously translated material. When a TM is used in a new project, previously translated material is harnessed. Employing a TM allows the team to concentrate on translating the new material, while ensuring that the context is accurate.

favicon-pinguino Systran Software
Local Concept is pleased to offer its machine translation solution through Systran Software. Systran Software is the pioneer in machine translation technology. With a career spanning 30 years, Systran is a leading provider of machine translation software to global companies, offering applications like e-commerce, content management, databases, and internal networks.