Did you know that the Hispanic market is the fastest growing ethnic market in the United States? According to the most recent census, Hispanics living in the U.S. spend about $686 billion per year — now that’s a lot of mula, dinero, feria!

Like everything we do, we believe that advertising to the Hispanic market involves more than just a matter of language translation. We understand it involves addressing cultural differences as well. We know the value system, culture and Hispanic history depend on where a person is from and we embrace this as an opportunity to reach various markets.

Local Concept has a specialized Hispanic team who handles advertising campaigns targeting Hispanic markets. They value and respect both the differences and the similarities based on their own cultures. This diversity is why several general advertising agencies use Local Concept for their Hispanic market strategy.

Among the services we offer are:

favicon-pinguino  Branding
A strong brand crosses all borders and is essential for your name to be recognized. Coca-Cola is a powerful example of this type of global success. In order to ensure your brand receives the recognition you deserve, we combine research data, culture and language into the message. The key is to generate multicultural brand loyalty within your community. Extension to different cultures allows a better demonstration of what your company represents. Local Concept helps you convey your message with a multilateral campaign and marketing strategy. Our goal is to help you communicate clearly with your clients, which is the first step in ensuring that they have a positive, memorable experience with the products or services of our clients.

favicon-pinguino  Direct marketing
Direct marketing allows you to reach your ethnic audience with a specific promotion and call-to-action derived from your company’s overall message, products and services.

favicon-pinguino  Media advertising
You can count on Local Concept to identify the most influential media outlets to place your advertising, where it will appeal most to buyers’ needs within your targeted audience.

favicon-pinguino  Public Relations
In any culture, you have to show a deep understanding of people and their economic, social and political requirements, as well as the challenges and concerns of the local community. Local Concept gives you the opportunity to influence the opinions of the ethnic community through targeted communication and dissemination.

favicon-pinguino  Advertising aimed to the Hispanic market
We are talking about pure and basic emotion. If we are a little sensitive, our strategy will consist of focusing on achieving Hispanic consumers have an unforgettable experience with the products and services our client offers. The key is to generate brand loyalty in the Hispanic community.