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Local Concept Internship Program
Michael Cárdenas knows what it’s like to be young and ambitious. One of the things that makes Local Concept unique is that we constantly train our employees to be current with the latest tools, technology and processes. Local Concept has implemented a training program and courses at several universities for students wishing to enter the world of localization. As it is still a fairly young industry, we try to share our knowledge about localization and globalization with the greatest possible number of students.

Local Concept believes that in order to be marketable, you need to know the ins and outs of the industry and the only way to fully explore it is to become involved with a localization company.

Local Concept provides an industry-focused internship curriculum, which students can apply as credit to their university studies. Currently, our staff trains students in universities of Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Zuyd University, Madrid and locally at San Diego State University.

The internship program requires a minimum commitment of three months and maximum of one year. During this period, interns who work with Local Concept are educated in our localization strategy, project management, glossary creation, translation, quality control, budgeting and customer service. The training offered includes the use of translation tools such as Studio, MultiTerm, XBench and QA Distiller to name a few. In addition, interns become familiar with graphic design programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, QuarkXpress, InDesign and FrameMaker.
Internships are available in our three Local Concept offices: San Diego, Taipei and Madrid.

For more information about our internship program, send inquiries to: